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Create a transparent two-option-vote election


VotePeer android app installed

Download the VotePeer app directly from GitLab or through google play.

Open VotePeer website

It is recommended to use a desktop browser.

Open VotePeer Android app and open menu

Press login button

Scan QR-code on the VotePeer website

Scan the QR-code. VotePeer logs you into the VotePeer website.

VotePeer website loads and redirects

Press "Create a new election"-button

Create election

Election type: Transparent

All participants vote transparent on the blockchain. Everyone can see what everyone votes.


  • Description
  • Vote options
  • Participant addresses

Visibility: Everyone

The election description, options, participants and tally is visible is to anyone with the link.

Press "Create election"-button

Congratz! You have created a transparent and shareable election.

Example election

The participants will now receive a push notification in their VotePeer android apps