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VotePeer Documentation

Censorship resistant on-chain blockchain voting. This is the documentation for the VotePeer project. See why VotePeer is an improvement over traditional online voting.

See screenshots and demos.


Two option vote contract for Bitcoin Cash (2020)

Voting on Bitcoin Cash using Traceable Ring Singatures (2020)

Transaction Input Payload Contract (2021)

Publishing Data on Bitcoin Cash Anonymously Using Faucets (2021)

Multi option vote contract for Bitcoin Cash (2021)

Developer Reference

VotePeer API

libbitcoincash reference

tallytree reference


VotePeer Android App

App for participating in elections. Git repository.

VotePeer Website

Web interface for creating and administering elections. Git repository

TallyTree Library

An implementation of Merkle Tally Tree in Rust. Merkle Tally Trees provide an efficent tally of an electronic vote. It scales to millions of votes, while still being able to prove efficently to every voter that the tally was fair.

VotePeer Android Library

Library for integrating blockchain voting in Android projects.


Bitcoin Cash library in kotlin (with batteries included philosophy). Low-level VotePeer functionality is implemented here, including ring signature primitives and Script contracts.


Bitcoin Cash Wallet with VotePeer integrated.