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VotePeer & Bitcoin Unlimited test-Vote 15-20 October 2021

This document is a guide to the Bitcoin Unlimited electorate. The Bitcoin Unlimited Vote 15-20 will have a parallel test-Vote using VotePeer: Censorship resistant blockchain voting. The document is constrained by this user story:

As a Bitcoin Unlimited member, I want to use VotePeer and the Bitcoin Unlimited Voting system in parallel when participating in the October 2021 Bitcoin Unlimited election.


An android device with:

  • Google play installed
  • Android operating system 8.0 and up
  • Network access

A small amount of BCH for transaction fees.

A user at


Get it on Google Play

  1. Install the VotePeer from Google Play.
  2. Open the app and navigate to menu->identity.
  3. Share address/identity to this thread.
  4. Fund the Identity with a small amount of BCH. VotePeer uses BCH smart contracts to store votes for future reference. Therefore voting in-app requires BCH funds.


After being scheduled to receive a push notification by signing up for the parallel election, Bitcoin Unlimited members will receive a push notification about the October test election on their Android devices.

Participants receive a push notification to notify them of inclusion into the electorate. Clicking the push notification opens the app, and the election is under the "Your Elections"-list.

Participants then click the new election in the list to navigate to it. If it has started and your identity has a small amount of BCH, you can immediately vote on-chain using the VotePeer smart contract. VotePeer stores your ballot on-chain on Bitcoin Cash using BCH smart-contracts.

After submitting a vote, it is recommended to try to "View in block explorer"-button and see what a voting transaction looks like on the Bitcoin Unlimited block explorer.

Navigate back to VotePeer because your vote is probably available in the on-chain tally! Press the "View Results" button to fetch election results directly from the Bitcoin Cash smart-contracts and into your VotePeer..

Various Screenshots

Identity Election feed Election
Used for sharing identity and receing small amounts of BCH for voting-tranction fees. Your Elections This user is still deciding...