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Election tags

It is possible to assign tags to elections. Tags are used to filter elections using API calls such as list_public_elections.

Tag support was added to allow projects to integrate elections with their own system, such as for allowing the organization Bitcoin Unlimited to create an overview site of their member votes.

Filtering on tags

Look for filter_tags parameter on API calls. API calls supporting this filter option will only return elections that contain given tag.

Assigning tags to an election

Users need to be assigned to tags they are allowed to use. If a user has been assigned tags, these will show during in the new election form.

Tags list in new election

Giving users permission to use tags

There is no user interface for this developed. To assign tags to a user, use the database interface directly. Add a allowed_tags field to a user document. This field must be a array of strings.

Tags in database Tags in database