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Locating own anonymous ring signature vote

Status: DRAFT
Date: August 2021

In this document we describe how we locate a users own vote cast anonymously using traceable ring signature voting.

The goal of doing so is to:

  1. Know if a user has cast his vote in an election.
  2. For the user to know what they voted.

We do this by making the vote payload scriptpubkey deterministic. It is possible to query for transactions using specific scriptpubkey using the electrum server network. Using this method, we can locate our own vote transaction from the blockchain.

NOTE: This assumes the ring signature itself is deterministic. This assumption is NOT VERIFIED.


We want to learn this information from the blockchain, rather than relying solely on storing it on the users local device.

The VotePeer android application uses 12-word recovery phrase (mnenomic) for backup. We want to avoid needing additional backup steps to recover a user identity and voting status, such as exporting/importing a file.

Deterministic private/public key for payload

The transaction input payload contract used in traceable ring signature voting for delivering the load requires a that we use a unique private/public keypair. For the purpose of finding a users own vote later, this needs to be deterministic.

We do this deterministically as follows:

max_pk_value = FFFFFFFF00000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFBCE6FAADA7179E84F3B9CAC2FC632551)
i = 0
do {
    election_private_key = SHA256(private_key || election_id || i)
    i += 1
} until (election_private_key >= 1 and election_private_key <= max_pk_value)

Any number between >= 1 and <= max_pk_value is a valid secp256k1 private key.

Locating the voting transaction

Generate a payload for every vote option as described in ring-signature-vote-contract.

For each of the payloads, generate a scriptpubkey script as described in the transaction input payload contract.

Query an electrum server for transactions spending from each of the scriptpubkey locking script. The first transaction by block height is a vote.